Day 2 - Your favorite character.

Yuna - Final Fantasy X
This was a really tough decision. I knew it was going to be a Final Fantasy character but it was hard to decide on one. In the end though Yuna ended up being the clear winner because I absolutely love her character. I love how sweet and kind she is and at the same time she is a very strong woman. She always puts others before herself and fights for what she believes is right. Despite knowing that she will die if she completes her pilgrimage she still becomes a summoner to fight for the people of Spira and bring the Calm. She literally places the world on her shoulders and is willing to give everything to save it. Even when she falls in love and begins to dream of what a wonderful life she might have she can’t bring herself to abandon her pilgrimage and leave Spira to its fate. 
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Final Fantasy X + A-Z

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