Fanfiction Suggestions?

So for some reason I’m really in the mood read Final Fantasy VIII fanfiction. Do you guys have any suggestions on some good ones? Preferably longer ones. Nothing with OOC, AUs, crossovers or character bashing though (especially of Rinoa or Squall). Lemon/Lime/Explicit is fine also and so is yaoi/yuri. My favorite FFVIII pairings are Squall x Rinoa and Seifer x Zell. I’ve just been having a really hard time finding good fanfiction that I haven’t read lately.


The picture of final fantasy series was packed by pixiv.(´▽`)ノ

FFまとめ | 前掛 [pixiv]

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since you're in seifer x zell mode, have you read the fic "my orphanage"?

lol I have actually. I loved it up to a point but it seemed to kind of loose steam at the end and things with the GFs just got a little weird. I was so hooked by the story and the Seifer x Zell was great but it just really lost my interest at the end.